Adoniram Council # 131

Companion Charles Eck suggested forming a Council of Royal and Select Masons in Miamisburg in 1903, right after Trinity Chapter had relocated there from South Main Street. It was not to be until 1942 when twenty-seven zealous Companions sought and acquired certificates of consent and recommendation from Reese Council #9 of Dayton, Hamilton Council #19 of Hamilton, Wright Council #96 of Xenia, Blanchester Council #114 of Blanchester, Matchett Council #91 of Greenville, and Wilmington Council #116 of Wilmington that Adoniram Council received permission to begin work under dispensation in June 1942. The officers promised the Illustrious Grand Master that they would increase their membership two hundred percent before the annual meeting and on the first of September notified him that they were conferring the Royal and Select Master degree on Monday, September 14th and the Super Excellent Master degree on Monday, September 28th.

Most Illustrious Companion William Wynans said that he had nothing but the highest praise for the zeal and skill exhibited by these good Companions of Miamisburg and recommended that a charter be granted to them. In its seventy-seven-year history, Adoniram Council has continued to exhibit that positive Masonic energy and many of its companions have distinguished themselves in the Craft, including:

  • U. Herbert Garlaugh: 57 Masonic affiliations. PDDGHP. Past State President of the High Twelve Club. Honorary 33rd
  • Two Past Grand High Priests: MEC George Shell and MEC Steven A Duncan
  • Past DDGHP, Third Capitular District: John C. Watkins, Donald E. Wilcox, Wendall R. Kemper, Aaron E. Crawford, Robert A. Oldfather, Joseph J. Fair, Claude F. Seibel
  • Gregory B. Clatterbuck: Grand Marshal, Royal Arch Masons of Ohio, Past DDGHP, Third Capitular District, Meritorious Service Award (Red Cap) AASR, Valley of Dayton
  • Sylvester L. Maust: Right Eminent Past Grand Commander, Knights Templar of Ohio
  • Richard W. Poore: Past District Deputy Grand Master, Second Masonic District, PHP Trinity Chapter #44, Honorary 33rd
  • James L. Church: Meritorious Service Award (Red Cap) AASR, Valley of Dayton
  • MacKinley Polston: Meritorious Service Award (Red Cap) AASR, Valley of Dayton
  • Steven D. Goad: Past Commander-in-Chief, Dayton Consistory, SPRS, Valley of Dayton AASR, Honorary 33rd, District Education Officer, Second Masonic District
  • Steve F. Taylor, Jr: Past Sovereign Prince, Miami Council Princes of Jerusalem, Valley of Dayton AASR, Honorary 33rd
  • Charles O. Taylor: Third Arch Inspector, 1963-1966
  • Verrill O. Gardner: Helped create the Arch Officers Associations
  • MEC H. Jeffery Shaw: Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter of Ohio, Past Potentate, Antioch Shrine, PDDGM, Honorary 33rd
  • RIC Michael A. Smith: Grand Deputy Master, Grand Council of Ohio (Grandson of PIM Earl B Smith 1964)
  • MIC Bobby G. Campbell: Past Illustrious Grand Master, Grand Council of Ohio, current Grand Recorder, Honorary 33rd
  • Richard C. Church Jr: Longest serving Mayor of Miamisburg, Past Potentate, Antioch Shrine, Honorary 33rd
  • P. Scott Lipps: Ohio State Congressional Representative, 62nd Congressional District, Warren County, Past Potentate, Antioch Shrine, Honorary 33rd
  • RWB Paul Weglege: Grand Orator, Grand Lodge of Ohio, Second District Advisor, Honorary 33rd
  • MWB Douglas N. Kaylor, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of F&AM of Ohio, Honorary 33rd, Ohio Deputy

  • Adoniram Council #131 meets on the second Friday of every month, except July and August, at 7:30pm.

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