Trinity Chapter # 44

On the evening of Tuesday, January 7, 1851, William Derickson, Isaiah Allen, William Hoff, Dr. John Treon, Mathias S. Blossom, Jacob Zimmer, Dr. George W. Edgerle, John Schell, Albert Mallott, and Robert H. Blossom, met in the Masonic Hall on Main Street to discuss the organization of a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. They were a cosmopolitan group, ten men with varying interests and professions: an Army veteran during the War of 1812; a farmer and mill owner; a merchant; two doctors; a saddle and harness maker; a hotel owner; a shoemaker; a grist and sawmill owner; and one an adventurer.

Companion William Derickson served for five years as High Priest. One of the early petitioners, Adam Clay, became the second, and led Trinity Chapter for a total of nineteen year. The pre-Civil War days from 1854 to 1860 were troubled times for Trinity Chapter. The membership went from ten to forty-two in the first decade, but many stated convocations were noted as no quorum in the minutes. Companion Reuben Rees requested a demit in August 1853 that was not located until early 1885. In those unsettled years, there were jurisdictional difficulties with Unity Chapter in Dayton and Lebanon Chapter. Trinity Chapter only met five times in 1859.

Difficulty between Trinity Chapter and Minerva Lodge over meeting in the Blue Lodge room led some to make a motion to ask for permission to move the Chapter to Franklin. Several companions were suspended for non-payment of dues. Membership in 1870 had only risen to forty-three. At the stated convocation on November 18, 1875, someone made a motion to move the Chapter to Germantown or to surrender the charter. Trinity did not submit annual reports for 1879 and 1880. The companions made a motion in December 1879 to exclude the plan to move to Germantown and expunge it from the record.

After several decades of unrest, Companion William A. Reiter became High Priest in the 1890s and led Trinity Chapter into a time of prosperity and growth. The Chapter moved with Minerva Lodge to the new Temple in 1902. Reiter became Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in 1905, the first Mason from Miamisburg to attain that office. In 2019, H. Jeffery Shaw became the second Trinity Chapter member to be installed as Grand High Priest.

Trinity Chapter meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month, except July and August, at 7:30pm.

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